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Ready to Build Your Real Estate Empire? Start Here

Roger King Strategy

If you’re new to investing, you may feel that using large amounts of capital isn’t the best way to get started. That makes sense – it’s pretty common for new investors to simply need a place to begin. Caution is critical for the newer investor. Often that can mean starting …

Design a Portfolio For Your Lifestyle

Roger King Strategy

Many investors have liquid capital to invest in real estate. While this liquidity provides more options, there are additional issues you’ll want to consider. Some of the things I hear consistently are: “Should I buy one large project making it easier to manage, or spread it out over several projects, …

Joint Venture Agreements: The Key to Successful Partnership Planning

Roger King Planning

Having a partner can provide an investor with more resources than they might otherwise have if they were to work independently. By forming alliances, investors can take a ‘divide-and-conquer’ approach to the efforts required for successful real estate investments. But when negotiating any kind of partnership, it’s smart to give …