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Many investors have liquid capital to invest in real estate. While this liquidity provides more options, there are additional issues you’ll want to consider.

Some of the things I hear consistently are:

  1. “Should I buy one large project making it easier to manage, or spread it out over several projects, providing various forms of diversification?”
  2. “If I choose one (or multiple) project(s), will this allow me the freedom to live my current lifestyle, or will I be required to change my lifestyle for the management and oversight?”
  3. “What happens if this one project has unforeseen issues and I need to sell quickly – will I be able to?” 
  4. “How will this singular loss affect my long-term investment strategy and can I weather a loss like that on my investment?”

Diversification may reduce risk but we need to consider factors such as:

  • Geographical distance from where you live
  • Financing rates & requirements in that particular region 
  • Income and expenses, comparative to other projects, etc.

One project may be significantly more labor-intensive than another… or require skills you may not have developed yet.

Owning three or more projects may provide geographical diversification, but you’ll still have to contend with the same risk factors but now on multiple projects

I have created a FREE guide that will help you consider some of the things central to choosing the right projects for you. Once you have developed an investment philosophy, you’ll have a guide to use when deciding on any investment project.

“Design Your Real Estate Portfolio: How to develop an investment plan to suit your lifestyle and financial goals”  is FREE to download and will guide your planning and set you up for success in real estate investing.

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