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If you’re new to investing, you may feel that using large amounts of capital isn’t the best way to get started. That makes sense – it’s pretty common for new investors to simply need a place to begin. Caution is critical for the newer investor.

Often that can mean starting with projects you can do by yourself. Of course, not all real estate projects are the same in terms of risk and reward. Often, we’ll hear more experienced real estate investors wax poetically about “Some of my best projects are the ones I walked away from” as a way to help guide the inexperienced investor. Yet, it’s never entirely surprising when a newer investor with capital “just wants to get started” in this exciting world of real estate investing. At best, this can lead to a moment of beginner’s luck. In the worst-case scenario, this can lead to the loss of their capital on the first project.

To help young investors reduce their risks on smaller investment projects, I want to share something you may not have heard about or considered before. One of my goals as a coach and mentor is to help those I work with learn from MY mistakes so they are set up for success. 

If you start by considering the structure of the support you’ll need around you to succeed, you are more likely to engage the right people, at the right time and in the right way. To be clear, you are going to need support. The thing about having people work for you, is you need to delegate and oversee the work you’re expecting from them. Not coming at this strategically can cost you money and time, neither of which we want to lose. Slow and steady will always bring the best results. 

So do you know who you need on your team to make it run smoothly?

Have you considered all the possibilities? You don’t want to realize the moment something presents itself, that you need something and don’t have anyone who can handle it for you. This can happen with time-sensitive tasks so being prepared is key. Considering these situations in advance can help you know if you’ve got the right person for the task available. Of course, the only way to answer that is to understand what your needs are so you know what to ask of those on your team.

I created a guide to help you address these considerations right from the start. It outlines some of the more common needs you’ll come across but also shows you some other possibilities worth considering in advance. 

The “Investors Guide to Operations, Management, and Team Structure: Critical lessons and tools to build a sustainable real estate empire” is FREE to download and is full of critical lessons that will become the foundation of the empire you’re building!

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